Up against everybody's expectations, Gouki was not in a position regarding putting an abrasion into the Rio, with his plan were not successful

Up against everybody’s expectations, Gouki was not in a position regarding putting an abrasion into the Rio, with his plan were not successful

Ayame’s father carry out imagine to just accept one to consult if you find yourself buying Ayame and you can Zen to flee regarding Yagumo along with her while he was and then make agreements to possess winning the battle ahead if you are earning her or him day together with charade.

Once from inside the Beltrum’s capital it ordered an inexpensive home in a beneficial district apparently a beneficial outside the castle wall space and you can began to real time here. Once they were still adapting on the the fresh belongings Lucius approached Zen and you may started to deal with adventurers’ needs having him for the Ayame’s lay just like the she was taking care of Rio, whenever Rio had been a newborn Lucius killed Zen and also make they feel like the guy screwed up hands on.

Shortly after fleeing with the Strahl part Zen and you may Ayame perform travel regarding spot to put working as adventurers up to they finally settled inside the Beltrum’s resource when she had pregnant which have Rio

Luckily to possess Ayame Zen had already obtained enough currency on her to not need to really works having the ability to pay for hers and Rio’s means while in the his youth, Lucius however acting such as for example a close friend into the the woman, longer additional aide during the 2nd five years, then the go out came whenever Lucius in the long run displayed his actual colors and you may attacked and you can murdered her when she resisted before the 5-year-old Rio.

Karasuki Homura [ ]


The present day queen of the Karasuki kingdom, Ayame’s dad and Rio’s daddy, previously the guy know Zen’s and you may Ayame’s ideas for every other, and though he wanted to permit them to get married the guy wasn’t capable since the nobles from other groups wouldn’t provides seen which have a attention a good age and a keen upstart for example Zen, despite this lady post regarding succession listing becoming lowest, and you can Zen are well-known as hero of your combat on the whole kingdom. After the ceasefire event the guy purchased Zen and you may Ayame to escape along with her while you are acting to accept the latest demand throughout the Rokuren kingdom’s prince from flipping her or him more, then on time he gained together with his charade, generated the new arrangements getting profitable the war from the Rokuren empire.

Homura’s plans succeeded in exchange Zen and you may Ayame missing its added the new Yagumo area as a result of the strategy to possess conquering this new Rokuren kingdom, something that features usually considered in his mind up until Rio told your you to his mothers had the ability to be happy with her and you may which he never noticed something similar to be sorry for otherwise despair in the Ayame’s deal with.

Immediately after reading regarding Rio’s preparations out-of avenging their mothers he was prepared for finishing him if the the guy believed that Rio did not have just what it is very important to heading down one to street. Deeming Rio sane and you may wise adequate to not treat themselves to own the newest purpose of avenging their moms and dads the guy decided to perhaps not avoid him and you can instead experimented with lending a hands.

The guy bought Gouki to own a beneficial mock battle with Rio, pregnant Rio is defeated by the him and you may afterwards convincing your out-of residing in Gouki’s family as the his disciple and you can live there up to the guy achieved sufficient strength for his objective, something that are designed to render him significantly more chances of appointment with Rio more often and without difficulty.

In future get togethers that have Rio, the guy considering your when planning on taking that have your on the their travels Gouki, Kayoko, Komomo, and you can several ten retainers getting enabling together with his payback, however, Rio rejected.

The woman is Zen’s older brother’s eldest child, when she is actually a child the girl mommy and you will little cousin died regarding deprivation once an epidemic and a detrimental assemble, at the time the girl dad has already been inactive as well, although bring about was never specified, the most likely being in a battle somewhere.